The Complete Besafe iZi Twist B Review

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besafe izi twist B review

Julie Monson
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The Besafe iZi Twist B is a luxurious convertible car seat that is approved from 40-105cm, which is approximately from birth to 4 years. It is one of the few seats approved from birth to toddler that actually fit newborns safely and that recline sufficiently. It installs with isofix, and swivels 90 degrees towards the door to make it easier to load your baby in and out the car. It has achieved very high safety ratings by ADAC and Swedish Plus.

besafe izi twist B stages

PROS AND CONS OF THE besafe izi twist b:


  • Very good safety ratings by ADAC and passes the stringent Swedish Plus Test          
  • Long lifespan from birth to 18kg          
  • Baby Shell and spirit level ensure adequate recline and support for newborns to prevent dangerous head flop       
  • 90 degree swivel makes it easier to get baby in and out the car         
  • Easy to install


  • Does not detach out the base and cannot be used as a travel system         
  • Heavy to move between cars         
  • Expensive         
  • The shoulder pads can be bulky to fit a newborn’s shoulders       
  • It cannot be installed with seatbelt

besafe izi twist B approved from birth


The Besafe iZi Twist B is approved from birth/40 – 105 cm/18kg (approximately 4 years).

besafe izi go modular x1 weight and height limits

Most convertible seats that are approved from birth to 18kg do not recline sufficiently or fit newborns safely. The iZi Twist B combines a baby seat and toddler seat into one by featuring the unique BeSafe Baby Shell™ and Newborn Hugger™ to provide a perfect recline to suit a newborn’s delicate postural needs. 


The iZi Twist B is iSize approved. It is rear facing only, which is proven to be 5 times safer than forward facing. It offers built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell and additional side impact protection (SIP+) placed on the side closest to the vehicle door. 

The BeSafe Baby Shell™ is a one-of-a-kind baby insert that provides an ideal sitting angle custom-made for babies. In most convertible car seats, the infant insert is just make of padding which often results in a poor fit for newborns. The Besafe Baby Shell is not just made of cushion inserts but instead a whole outer shell that also contains the Dynamic Force Absorber™ in its side wings. The he Baby Shell™ adds an third layer of side impact protection to keep babies safe. The additional Newborn Hugger™ that is placed inside the Baby Shell™ has a combination of soft materials on the sides of the baby and a cleverly placed wedge to keep newborns snug and supported and allow them to lie even flatter by lifting their back instead of their bottom.

The Dynamic Force Absorber™ in the headrest of the seat  gives optimal protection for the child’s most vulnerable body parts. It is made of special materials and a construction of different flex-zones, which optimally absorb forces in a side impact through bending in the inner area while staying more rigid in the outer areas. 

besafe izi twist B safety features

The base boasts audiovisual indicators to ensure correct installation. The rigid support leg distributes forces safely to the vehicle floor. 

The iZi Twist B passed the world's most stringent independent crash test; the Swedish Plus Test., making it the only infant seat to ever boast this award.  ADAC gave it an overall score of 2.4. It scored 1.5 which is “very good”, with very low risk of injury in a side impact collision and very low risk of injury in frontal collision.  

swedish plus test besafe izi twist B
besafe izi go modular X1 NAF award


The iZi Twist B offers side to side rotation, making it easy to access your baby while getting in and out the car. This reduces strain to your back, by allowing you to lift your baby from a more ergonomic posture when putting your child into the seat and tightening the harness.

The German organisation AGR Certified it as especially back friendly for parents and babies. This is due to the iZi Twist’s side stability and lifting the child’s back to give 10° more recline.

It has 4 recline settings as well as Universal Level Technology to achieve a 45 degree recline angle in any car, including cars with steep benches and/or bucket seats. The BeSafe Universal Level Technology™ has a special seat-and-base-design that allows you to always install this seat horizontally, no matter how steep the vehicle seat of your car might be. This results in the base hovering over the vehicle seat, and it does not rest on the vehicle seat. This is a unique and unusual installation method, but it was designed and approved to do so. 

The covers are made of high quality materials, and it allows optimal air access through ventilation system at the back to keep your baby cool. 

For your convenience and easy of use, the iZi Twist B has Magnetic Belt Assistants to keep the harness open while you put your baby in. 

The iZi Transfer is very convenient to transfer your sleeping baby from the car seat to the pram. 

besafe izi twist B comfort feature


The iZi Twist B can only be installed in cars with isofix. It cannot be installed with seatbelt, and it cannot be separated off the base. The base has audiovisual indicators to ensure correct installation.

HOW TO RemovE and wash the covers?

The covers are easy to remove, but a little bit trickier to place back on. They can be machine washed at 30 degrees in mild detergent. The covers are removed very similarly to the iZi Modular seat 


Besafe car seats can be used for up to 7 years, provided it has not been crashed, dropped or damaged.

WHAT IS THE warranty on THE izi twist b?

Besafe products have a 24 month warranty from date of purchase. This covers free replacement or repair if it is a proven ‘manufacturing fault’. 

is the izi twist b compatible with my car?

Rear facing car seats should never be installed in front of an active airbag, and the load leg should never be installed on top of an underfloor storage compartment. The iZi Twist can only be installed in cars with isofix. Click here to check if your car is on the approved fit list:

BeSafe iZi Twist B Fit List

WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS of the izi twist b?

The iZi Twist B weighs 15kg
W x D x H: 44 x 75 x 53 cm

What is the difference between the izi twist b and the izi twist?

The Izi Twist B is approved and suitable from birth to 105cm. The Baby Shell gets removed at 87cm. The Izi Twist is a toddler seat, approved from 61-105cm.


It is advised that any accessories used are manufactured and crash tested by BeSafe. The following accessories are approved for use with the BeSafe iZi Twist B:

BeSafe iZi Twist Summer Cover

BeSafe iZi Transfer

BeSafe Tablet and Seat Protector

BeSafe Rear Facing Kit

BeSafe Belt Guard or Belt Collector 

besafe izi twist B and izi transfer

Our Products

Precious Cargo is a proud stockist of BeSafe products in South Africa. Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a fitting. 

BeSafe iZi Twist B

BESAFE Izi Twist b

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