Julie Monson Precious Cargo


I am an Occupational Therapist with 15 years experience working with survivors of motor vehicle accidents. I see firsthand the devastating and lifelong consequences of children who were not properly restrained in cars. This started my obsession with car seats, the importance of correct installation and use. As a mom to 3 young children, I want to know that I am doing everything I can to keep them as safe as possible on South Africa’s trecherous roads. South Africa has some of the worst statistics when it comes to deaths on the roads, drunk drivers, unlicensed drivers and road rage. Yet the AA recently discovered that 93% of children are not suitably restrained in appropriate car seats.


In 2016 I started the FaceBook group, Car Seat Support South Africa, in the hopes of creating awareness of the need to not only use the correct car seat, but to use it properly as designed. Its exponential and completely organic growth highlighted the desperate need for expert advice and correct fitting of car seats. I am passionate about empowering parents with scientific facts and safety reviews to enable you to chose the right car seat for your family.