Precious Cargo launched in 2018. We carefully selected baby products that meet or exceed the highest safety standards. All our car seats have undergone additional, more stringent crash testing than the mandatory regulatory crash testing, and they all score well for safety. We also sell a range of the best prams, baby carriers, cots, monitors, breast pumps, baths and play equipment.

Our consultants are now a team of 3 moms who are all qualified healthcare professionals. We provide expert advice to parents, based on European best practice guidelines and the latest research. We offer professional installations and demonstrations.

We have a showroom in Johannesburg where we do face-to-face consults, but for those who are not able to come through, we offer video consults. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products and services.




I am the  founder of Precious Cargo. I am an Occupational Therapist and certified car seat technician. I am also a mom of 3 children. In my line of work, I see firsthand the devastating and lifelong consequences of children who were not properly restrained in cars. This started my passion and obsession with child safety and research.

I soon realised that parents in South Africa have limited professional resources on correct car seat use. In May 2016,  I started a facebook group Car Seat Support South Africa, where we offer free advice in an attempt to empower parents with the knowledge they need to make the safest choices for their children.  We recently started another group, Safe Sleep Support South Africa, that focusses on educating parents on Safe Sleep practice for babies. 


Robyn has an honours degree in Psychology and is a certified car seat technician. She is also a qualified lifeguard. She has 2 children. She joined Precious Cargo in 2020, although she has been involved with our Facebook support group Car Seat Support South Africa since it started and assisted with our rental service beforehand. She shares our passion for child safety which started at a young age when she experienced the loss of a family member in a car accident. She loves children and is a huge advocate for their safety.

She is also passionate about Safe Sleep practices and assists with the facebook group Safe Sleep Support South Africa