• R 8,999.00


  • ECE R44/04 approved
  • 9-25kg
  • Approx 61cm to 115-118cm
  • Approx 6 months to 5 years

The iZi Plus X1 is the successor of the highly popular iZi Plus. Optimized for rear facing safety, its two new features add even more safety and comfort:

The newest generation of additional side impact protection (SIP+)

  • adds up to an 20% more safety in a side impact
  • reduces distance to the door and works like a crumple zone
  • easily attached to the seat side that’s facing the door

The newest generation of body hugger

  • gives especially small children extra comfort
  • special foam inserts for added stability
  • makes an early transition into the seat easier

Outstanding Safety

iZi Plus X1 allows children to travel rear facing throughout the whole time that you will be using this seat, as travelling rear facing is proven to be 5x safer for toddlers. Being approved to 25 kg and having a prolonged backrest, iZi Plus X1 keeps your child rear facing up to the age of approx. 5 years. It has passed the world’s toughest crash test – the Swedish Plus Test – and features built-in Side Impact Protection (SIP) in the seat shell and headrest. On top of that, iZi Plus X1 comes with the newest generation of SIP+, an add-on feature that gives up to 20% more safety in a side impact.

Greatest Comfort

iZi Plus X1 makes journeys extra comfortable for children by featuring high-quality materials and a high sitting position in the car that allows the child to have a great view through the side and rear windows. The newest generation of the body hugger features extra soft foam placements that give added stability and support and continuously adjustable leg space makes longer journeys comfortable for children of all ages. iZi Plus X1 features the unique partially-hovering installation option, which enables you to counter-balance sloping vehicle seats and on top of that, iZi Plus X1 has 3 recline positions that can be adjusted in just one motion.

iZi Plus X1 features the smart access magnets, which help holding the seat belts to the side while getting the child in or out of the seat. When changing the headrest height, the shoulder belts of iZi Plus X1 automatically adjust as well, making adjusting the seat to the child quick and easy.

Extra Longevity

iZi Plus X1 truly grows with the child from small to tall toddler. Thanks to the newest generation of body hugger and its partially-hovering installation method, iZi Plus X1 can be used from an early age on and lasts extra long with the adjustable leg space.

Car seat weight: approx. 12 kg
D x W x H: 65 x 45 x 56 cm
Height with headrest in highest position: 63 cm

 besafe izi plus review

*The iZi Plus is very big. Before ordering online, please contact us to check if this seat is compatible and will fit your car. If not, we will help you select an alternative seat that will fit.

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