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For use from birth until child reaches maximum weight limit of 11.3kgs or can push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first.

Maximum weight: 11.3kgs

Complies with the following standards: 

FCC ID: WTW4004036

IC: 12085A-4004036

QDID: 57480


Every newborn’s sleep needs are different – and their needs continue to change as they develop and grow over the first few months. Rooted in the science of infant sleep, the MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet is the most adaptable bassinet that safely meets the needs of more babies than any other bassinet.   

With 5 parent-inspired motions, 5 speeds, and 4 white noise options, you can find the ultimate soothing combination to help comfort and support your baby – through every nap and good night. Use the Find Your Roo™ feature on the 4moms app to discover the MamaRoo® motion and speed combinations that are most inspired by your own soothing moves. The 4moms® app also comes in handy to adjust features, or even set a timer, when you don’t want to disturb baby while they’re catching some zzz’s.   

The adjustable legs and mesh sides allow the bassinet to fit perfectly next to your bed to provide optimal visibility and also breathability. With these features and a firm, flat sleeping surface, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet follows AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines to create a safe sleep environment – helping the whole family rest easy.  


  • Meet Baby’s Sleep Needs 
    • 5 parent-inspired motions (car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye)
    • 5 speeds 
    • 4 white noise options (rain, ocean, fan and shh) 
    • Bluetooth functionality – easily adjust motion, speed, sound, or set a timer with the 4moms app  
  • Safe Sleep Environment 
    • Firm, flat sleep surface 
    • Mesh sides for visibility and breathability  
  • Find Your Roo™ Feature – Exclusively on the 4moms App     
    • Find the MamaRoo® motion and speed combinations that are inspired by your own natural soothing moves 
  • Adjustable height (2 options) 
  • Water resistant mattress (sheet included) 
  • Tool-less assembly 
  • AC adapter (no batteries required)