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This fitting and consult is specifically for parents who need help choosing the right car seat and pram for your baby.

We are certified car seat technicians. We provide expert advice based on European best practice guidelines and the latest research. We offer a thorough assessment and professional installations to help you choose the safest car seat and most suitable pram from our range, to determine suitable options for your budget, vehicle, lifestyle and future family growth. We demonstrate various options that meet your needs, are compatible with your vehicle and we show you the safety features, comfort features and explain the car seat safety ratings. 

We offer a 1 hour consultation, where we explain safety features, comfort features and car seat safety ratings.

If you purchase a travel system from us, you are welcome to return closer to your due date for us to install the car seat for you and give you a full tutorial on how to use it. Once your baby is born, you are also welcome to send us photos/videos before you are discharged so that we can check that the harness is correct and your baby is strapped in securely.