Cybex Balios S Lux Stroller Review

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Cybex Balios S Lux Stroller Review


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The Cybex Balios S Lux Stroller comes from Cybex's Gold Range and it is a stylish, yet practical stroller that will grow with your baby from birth until around 4 years old.  The Balios S Lux is a great all-rounder with amazing features and an affordable price tag.

Cybex Balios S Lux

What we lOVE about the balios s lux

✔   Great quality materials
✔   Strong and sturdy
✔   4-wheel suspension
✔   Lie-flat recline 
✔   Large extendable sun canopy
✔   One-hand fold 
✔   Reversible seat unit
✔   Stylish 

what we don't like about the balios s lux

✘   Fairly heavy when folded with the seat unit
✘   The seat unit doesn't have a foot rest 
✘   The seat unit on its own cannot be used from birth (the              bassinet is required)

Weight and height limits of the balios s lux

The Cybex Balios S Lux is approved for use from birth, with the use of the Cot S bassinet or using a Cybex infant car seat clipped onto the pram frame. The actual seat unit of the Balios S Lux is not suitable for babies under 6 months old as there is very limited support for them in the seat unit.

Therefore if you are going to use the Balios S Lux from birth, it is recommended to use it with the Cybex Cot S bassinet or with a Cybex infant car seat

The maximum weight limit for the Balios S Lux is 22kg's, which is approximately 4 1/2 years. We have found that children usually outgrow prams by height before they have reached the weight limit. Toddlers usually stop using prams around 3-4 years anyway.

The length of the backrest is 50cm. Therefore, if you measure your child while sitting- from their bottom to the top of their head; if the measurement is under 50cm then your child will still fit into the Balios S Lux by height. You can still use the Balios S Lux after your child has surpassed this measurement, however, you may find that their head will be touching the sun canopy which may be uncomfortable for them. 

Balios S Lux

Can the cybex balios s lux be used as part of a travel system?

The Balios S Lux can be used as part of a travel system with all Cybex infant seats (with adapters) as well as The Cybex Cot S bassinet that can be used on the Balios S Lux (no adapters needed) until 9kg or until your baby starts rolling.

The Cybex Balios S 3-in-1 travel system includes the Aton B iSize car seat, Cot S and Balios S Lux pram. The Base M isofix can be purchased separately. 

Alternatively, the Cybex Cocoon S can be used on Balios S Lux. It is a soft carry cot that fits onto the pram's seat unit when fully reclined. This makes the original seat unit suitable for newborns. The Cocoon S takes up less boot space than Cot S.

The Cybex Cocoon S is a cheaper alternative to the Cot S Bassinet. The Cocoon S is soft on the sides and underneath so it isn't as sturdy and structured as the Cot S Bassinet. It is also a bit smaller in length and width. 

Using the Cocoon S or the Cot S Bassinet is the safest way for you to transport your newborn on the Balios S Lux stroller, as Safe Sleep guidelines recommend that babies lie flat on their backs for all naps. Using an infant seat on a pram is only recommended for short periods. Read our article of the risks of positional asphyxiation and how to prevent it.

Cybex Balios S Lux Travel system

What terrain surfaces is the cybex balios s lux suitable for?

The Cybex Balios S Lux is considered an urban terrain stroller. This means that it is most suitable for urban terrain surfaces such as paved walkways, malls, smooth pathways, flat surfaces, etc. 

Balios S lux

The Balios S Lux has quite large wheels with minimal tread made with a dense foam that will not puncture. They also help with shock absorption on uneven/bumpy surfaces.

The Balios S Lux also has 4-wheel suspension. This means that it has a spring system in each wheel for shock absorption. This ensures your child has a smooth ride and it also assists the parent when pushing the stroller on uneven/bumpy surfaces. 

So, although the stroller is considered an "urban terrain" stroller, it will cope on bumpier/slightly off-road terrains occasionally.

How does the cybex balios s lux fold and how big/small is it when folded?

The Cybex Balios S Lux has a very simple one-hand fold mechanism. This means that you can fold the stroller with one hand which helps a lot when you have your child in your other hand and need to fold your stroller at the same. 

The Balios S Lux can be folded with or without the seat unit in it. When the stroller is folded with the seat unit in it; it is fairly  heavy at 11.7kg and bulky but still compact enough to fit into most vehicle boots. When the stroller is folded without the seat unit in it; it is quite a bit lighter.

In very small vehicle boots, one or more of the strollers wheels may have to be removed in order to fit into the boot properly. Although this does mean a few more steps in the folding and packing away process; the wheels can be removed and put back on very easily.

The folded dimensions with the seat unit in it:
L 75.5cm X W 60cm X H 43cm

Weight of the stroller: 11.7kgs

Cybex Balios S Lux FOld

The cybex balios s lux seat unit

The Cybex Balios S Lux has a removeable and reversible seat unit. This means that the seat unit can be removed off of the stroller frame and turned to face the parent or face the world. This is done by pushing the buttons on either side of the seat unit and lifting it off of the frame and then simply clicking it back on in your desired direction. 

The seat unit has multiple recline positions and it can also be reclined to lay completely flat for when your child is sleeping. To recline the seat, there is a lever at the back of the seat unit that must be lifted. This can be done with one hand with minimal effort. The 5-point harness is easily height adjustable to fit toddlers of all sizes. 

The seat unit has a height adjustable leg rest, however, it does not have a foot rest built into the leg rest. There is a foot rest attached to the stroller frame. 

Cybex Balios S Lux

The cybex balios s lux sun canopy, storage basket, handle bar, and brakes.

The Cybex Balios S Lux has a large sun canopy which can be extended even further by unzipping the extension. The extension part of the sun canopy has a small peekaboo window on top that is made from mesh for air flow and breathability for your child but also to allow the parent to see the child while the canopy is in use.

The storage basket is a decent size with a weight limit of 5kg's so nothing more than a fully stocked nappy bag should be stored in the basket. 

The Balios S Lux has a height adjustable handle bar that can be adjusted for parents of different heights. This ensures taller parents with longer legs don't kick the stroller frame when pushing the stroller as it places them slightly further away from the stroller. The handle bar is also covered in a soft foam for comfort and breathability. 

The Balios S Lux has a foot brake that is placed in the middle of the frame at the bottom, back section of the stroller. This brake is easy to use with one foot. You need to press down to enable to brake, and lift up to disable the brake. 

Balios S lux

What are the differences between the Balios S Lux, The balios S 2-in-1, and the talos s lux?

Multiple reclines and reclines flat

Weight limit 22kgs

Parent and World facing

Pram seat can convert to a bassinet

Need to buy a separate bassinet

Can click a car seat onto it with adapters

Tyres are made to use off-road/on all-terrains

4-Wheel Suspension

Can be folded with the seat pack in it

Height adjustable handle bar

Extendable sun canopy

What accessories are available for the cybex balios s lux?

The Cybex Balios S can be used with quite a few different accessories. These are optional and sold separately:

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