Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 Review

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Ubuntu baba stage 1 review

Before becoming a mom, I had always heard murmurs about a magical carrier which happened to be locally manufactured.  Little did I know that a few years later, I would be afforded the opportunity of trying this mystical carrier and be able to experience the magic for myself.  

With my first child who was born very prematurely, we bought every type of carrier on the market (all except for the Ubuntu baba) in an attempt to find something that she would be content in as well as something which was comfortable for us to wear. 

Megan UBUNTU stage 1 carrier review

Unluckily, we were not able to find something that ticked both of those boxes and so we resorted to carrying her everywhere which was taxing on us. Based on this, I was eager to try the Ubuntu Baba carrier in the hopes that it would be a better fit for both my son and me. All I can say is that the Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 Carrier exceeded any expectation I had.

In the first few weeks, we suspected our little boy had silent reflux and colic and the only way I was able to do any form of shopping or go out anywhere was by carrying him in my Ubuntu Baba carrier. 

Unfortunately, it was not as simple as reflux and colic and he in fact had a serious super bug infection which was only identified after 14 weeks. Those 14 weeks were challenging and there was nothing which could keep him settled. However, once the infection was under control, I was able to put my Ubuntu Baba carrier to use again and it did not disappoint. In the coming paragraphs I will highlight my personal favourite features of this masterpiece.  


Right from the start, it was obvious that a significant amount of time and care had been put into the experience of using an Ubuntu Baba carrier. There is just something about the way the carrier was presented which made me feel understood as a mom and not just seen as another sale. It was beautifully packaged, and a personal note was left in the box too.


One of the first things that struck me was how compact and light the Ubuntu Baba carrier is. Prior to receiving my Ubuntu Baba Carrier, I had tried on one of the carriers we had previously purchased. The first thing my husband asked me was “am I going to war” as it was bulky and looked as though I was wearing body armour with all the padding. The fact that I am not very tall exacerbated this and made me feel as though the carrier was wearing me and not the other way around. I am also quite clumsy and so wearing something so cumbersome made simple tasks even trickier.   

Therefore, you can imagine my level of excitement when I popped the Ubuntu Baba Carrier on and saw how light and streamlined it was with my body. The delicate and compact design comfortably and securely supported my son without being rigid making it easy to move around. My Ubuntu Baba felt like an extension of my body rather than a carrying device. 

ubntu baba stage 1

The compact nature of it also meant that it was easy to take along wherever I went and easily fitted into his nappy bag while still leaving enough space for everything else. 

Something that I appreciated is that the carrier came with a drawstring bag which means that no straps are left hanging out and it would stay clean in between uses. The elastics at the end of the straps are practical as they allow you to roll up the excess strap so they do not drag on the floor or get caught anywhere.   

One of the first features of the carrier that caught my attention and became one of my most loved is the storage pouch on the front of the carrier. It is the perfect mix of size and convenience and is big enough to fit your essentials. The placement of it makes it easily accessible which meant I did not need to scratch around in his nappy bag each time I needed my card or to look for my car keys.    

ubuntu baba stage 1

The clever design of the Ubuntu Baba carrier includes a sun cover which rolls up neatly when not being used and provides additional neck support. This cover is also used to support a newborn’s head and attaches firmly and with ease to the straps of the carrier. 


As an Occupational Therapist, I was excited about the amount of deep pressure the carrier provided my son as it helps mimic the womb and has a calming effect. It was also important for me that the carrier was ergonomically correct and encouraged healthy hip development. 

This means that the seat needs to place my sons’ legs in an “M” or “frog position", allow for his bottom to be lower than his knees and support his back in the correct C-curve shape. It is recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 


Another one of my favourite Ubuntu Baba carrier features is the seated area can be adjusted to promote the “M” or “froggy” like position as my baby grows. The carrier has a drawstring thread in the seat which allows you to easily adjust the length of the seated area. The adjustable seated area gave me a level of reassurance knowing that as my son grows, I will be able to promote healthy hip placement, especially during the first 6 months when it is most vital.   

Not only is it the seated area which is easy to adjust, but so are the shoulder straps. The ease with which these adjustments can be made is incredibly handy as the clips are well within reach, and it simply took one pull to secure each strap comfortably. Also, there are only three large clips to secure which means less things getting tangled up and no fiddling with small pieces, both which are extremely helpful when you have a fussy baby.   

A big plus of the Ubuntu Baba carrier is that no additional newborn insert is needed, and I did not need a degree in engineering to figure out how to put it on. I can put the Ubuntu Baba carrier on alone without needing assistance with reaching the clips at the back or struggling with complicated tying.  This also meant that taking it off was easy which is again another attribute that I love. I was able to transfer a sleeping baby from the carrier to his cot without waking him as I could gently lay him down and simply unclip the carrier and take it off.  

Ubuntu baba stage 1 carry positions


With all the craziness of my son being unwell, I was initially unable to make use of the courtesy fitting session, which is offered by Megan Eadie regardless of where you purchase it from, Ubuntu Baba’s Certified Babywearing Educator. During the appointment, she checks the positioning of your baby in the carrier and ensures that they are being worn safely. Despite not being able to schedule a time to meet, Megan reached out to me after seeing a photo of my son in the carrier and provided me with valuable guidance. She also sent valuable links, videos, and photos which were easy to follow. Not having to rely on an information booklet or online pictures to figure out how to use the carrier as well as having someone available on WhatsApp or Zoom to help is invaluable and not something I have experienced with any other carrier.

ubuntu baba front carry


Lastly the fact that no significant changes needed to be made to the carrier when swopping between two people is a bonus. With the Ubuntu Baba carrier, it is only a waist band and 2 side clips that require adjusting, which you inevitably release when taking the carrier off. This means that your partner can put the carrier on immediately without having to make any significant adjustments first which adds to the versatility of the carrier.

ubuntu baba


I can safely say that this is always the first thing that is packed in the car and it is the kind of item that no matter how far you are from home, if you have forgotten to pack it in you will drive back without thinking twice. 

The word Ubuntu is a Xhosa word used to describe the African belief that there is a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. This carrier most certainly lives up to its name and encourages a deep bond of connection. While other carriers have their place and values, I have yet to use one with such ease and comfort as the Ubuntu Baba carrier.


We are proud stockists of Ubuntu Baba. Feel free to contact us to book a fitting online or in-store.

Ubuntu baba stage 1 carry positions

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