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  • ECE R44/04 approved
  • From 15kg, 100cm to 150cm/36kg
  • Approx 4 to 12 years
  • Isofix/seatbelt installation

The iZi Up X3 Fix is basically the same booster seat as iZi Up X3 with the added option that it can be fitted using the car’s ISOfix points. This ensures that the car seat always is fixed in the car and will not move around in the event of a collision. When installed with ISOfix, the iZi Up X3 Fix enables the innovative side impact protection feature, Side Impact Rotation, offering even greater side impact protection.

Side Impact Protection- SIR

The iZi Up X3 Fix includes this extra feature: SIR – Side Impact Rotation. This means that in the event of an impact from the side the child car seat will rotate inwards towards the centre of the car so that the child is turned away from the point of impact instead of being thrown forwards against the door, which is what usually happens during a side impact collision.

Easy to install both with and without ISOfix

The iZi Up X3 Fix is easy to install with the option of using the ISOfix if your car has isofix points. It can be installed without isofix in cars that are not equipped with isofix brackets.

Grows with your child

The BeSafe iZi Up X3 Fix grows with your child throughout the whole period of use up to 135 cm (and even 150cm in some countries).  The head and back supports can be easily adjusted on both sides of the car seat using the synchronized handles. Not only the headrest but all side impact side-parts move when adjusted which ensures that the child receives maximum safety regardless of height.

Maximum comfort for your child

The iZi Up X3 Fix can be used in 2 different sleeping/recline positions during journey and your child can make their own adjustments safely by using the handles.

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