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  • R44/04 approved
  • Rear facing from 9 to 25kg
  • Lasts from approx 6 months to 5 years
  • Seatbelt installation only

The Volvo Maxway is an extended rear facing car seat, suitable from 9 months to approximately 5 years (9-25kg/approx 112-115cm). It cannot be installed forward facing. This is a great option for bigger/taller than average children. It is compact and can install with the full 3-point seatbelt or a lap belt, which often allows 3 across installations. It is also compact so fits smaller cars or tighter spaces.

It has deep side wings for increased side impact protection. Additional safety features include a load leg to reduce downward rotation forces, as well as tethering straps to the front seat to prevent rebound forces. No additional hooks in your car are required. The Maxway has been independently crash tested by ADAC and Swedish Plus, and scores well. 

The padded headrest and harness can be easily adjusted to your child's height with one hand. It offers multiple recline positions for optimal comfort, especially on long journeys.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 64 x 45 x 64 cm

Weight: 7kg


The warranty is 1 year on the Volvo Maxway excluding wear and tear on the textiles. Volvo will replace the seat if there are proven manufacturing defects. But they are unable to import any spare parts or perform any repairs. Please note that there are NO spare parts available even in UK or Europe, as this model has been retired abroad. 


volvo maxway features and safety ratings


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