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  • From birth up to approx. 6 months
  • 0-9 kg in car, 0-9 kg on stroller
  • From 40 cm to 70 cm
The Maxi-Cosi Jade is the first safety carrycot to comply with the highest safety standard (R129) to travel with a baby in the car. Jade combines the safety of a car seat and the sleep comfort of a carrycot. The perfect lie-flat position makes it possible for parents to travel safely with their baby. Easily slide the carrycot from any compatible Maxi-Cosi stroller onto the FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base in the car, without having to wake your baby. The Jade can only be installed with the FamilyFix3 isofix base. 
With its modern design and leather finishing, Jade becomes a very stylish pram within just seconds on the following Maxi Cosi strollers (it does not fit any other stroller)

Car seats are for traveling, carrycots are for sleeping. Newborns need to sleep as much as possible in the best possible position which is on their backs. That is why Maxi-Cosi invented the first R129 approved carrycot: the Jade. Thanks to its 180° flat sleeping position, babies can travel and sleep at the same time for a longer period of time in the healthiest and safest way. With the Jade, parents can take their baby with them during long-distance family trips and during the day-to-day activities, safely and without waking up their baby.