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  • R44/04 approved
  • 9-18kg forward facing
  • Lasts from approx 1 to 4 years
  • Seatbelt installation only

  1. Head support and shoulder belts can be adjusted to their correct height with 1 operation in 8 positions
  2. SIP – Side impact protection. Protection for both head & neck by EPS in head support and seat shell
  3. Easy to place the child in the seat thanks to magnets in the shoulder pads
  4. 5-point safety harness
  5. Adjustable in 4 sitting or sleeping positions
  6. Ventilation in the back support
  7. The seatcover is removeable and washable- see washing label

*This seat is forward facing only. Rear facing is safest and recommended for children under 2 years, preferably 4 years. We do not recommend forward facing for children under 2 years..

Easy installation

Thanks to a unique installation system, iZi Comfort X3 is much easier to install than any other belt fixed seat. This means much higher safety for your child. BeSafe iZi Comfort was scored “Best” when tested by ADAC in 2003. The seat can be adjusted into several different sitting positions without re-tightening the car seat belt. The built in side impact protection keeps the head, neck and body safe.

Side Impact Protection (SIP)

The seat provides excellent side impact protection for the head and body. It is padded on the inside with impact-absorbing material.

Easy and safe installation

The revolutionary belt routing system offers unique benefits. You can see exactly what you are doing, as the belt goes in front of the seat and not behind it as with some other brands.

Very good sleeping positions

Several sleeping positions with easy adjustment for optimal comfort.

besafe izi comfort X3 adac safety rating