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The SensorSafe Safety Kit Infant is a smart solution for keeping track of the safety and well-being of your child.

Your vehicle needs OBD's to accommodate the Sensorsafe.

Compatible with Cybex Aton M, Aton B, Aton, and Cloud Z infant car seats.

Safe. Smart. Connected

Peace of mind for you, better safety for your child. Once attached to the harness system of the child car seat, the SensorSafe 4-in-1 Safety Kit can be connected to your smartphone and will alert you to critical situations such as: if your child is left in the car, if temperatures in the car get too hot or cold, if the child unbuckles the clip or if they have been seated for too long.


  • Temperature Warning:
    To help you prevent your child from overheating or overcooling, the SensorSafe clip monitors the ambient temperature of your car. When temperatures get too hot or cold, the app will inform you via push notification on your smartphone.
  • Safety Harness Monitor
    The SensorSafe clip helps prevent the child from slipping out of the harness. If your child manages to open the clip, you will be instantly alerted via push notification on your smartphone.
  • Take a break notification
    To avoid your child sitting in the car for too long, the Take a Break Notification informs you if the SensorSafe Clip has been closed for a long period of time (2 hours) and recommends taking a break.
  • Child still in car warning
    To assist you in the event your child is left in the car, the SensorSafe clip is able to send alerts directly to your smartphone. If desired SensorSafe can also inform family emergency contacts and tell them the location of the car.

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