The Complete Maxi Cosi Kore Pro Review

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Maxi Cosi Kore Pro Review
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The Maxi Cosi Kore Pro is an iSize approved child booster seat which is forward facing only. As with all boosters, your child is secured to the booster seat using the vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt. 

Booster seats raise your child up so that the vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt is positioned safely over the child’s body instead of on the neck and on the abdomen where they could sustain life threatening injuries in an accident. 

High back boosters, like the Kore Pro, also offer side impact protection to the head and torso. The Kore Pro can be used with or without isofix anchors which makes it a great option for all vehicles. 

PROS AND CONS OF THE maxi cosi kore pro:


  • Unique ClickAssist light          
  • Easy for children to buckle themselves in
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Made of bamboo fabrics to keep your child cooler
  • Height and width can be adjusted      
  • Quite narrow (can be used in 3 across configurations in SOME cars)


  • Does not recline 
  • Quite expensive
  • Not very padded
  • On the lower end of the "good" range in terms of crash test results 

maxi cosi kore pro


The Kore Pro is an iSize approved booster seat. It is approved for used from at least 100cm and 15kgs until 150cm. This is from approximately age 4 until age 12 for the average sized child. Since the Kore Pro is i-size approved; it does not have a defined weight limit

We do not recommend the use of any booster seat for children under the age of 4 years old a they are not booster ready.


maxi cosi kore pro side impact protection

The Maxi Cosi Kore Pro has been designed to comply with the highest i-Size safety standards. The Kore Pro has a built in Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus) which protects your child in the event of a side impact collision. 

To achieve this, the SPS reduces the risk of injury by absorbing the force of the impact with built-in glass fibre shock absorbers and impact absorbing materials. Along with the cocoon-like shell, the Kore Pro offers full body side protection. 

When tested by ADAC, the Kore Pro displayed a low risk of injury in a side impact collision and an average risk of injury in a front impact collision. The overall safety score was 2.5 which is classified as “good”.

Maxi Cosi Kore Pro safety rating


The Kore Pro has adequate padding on the booster seat for comfort while travelling. The Kore Pro is the first ever booster to come with a unique built-in ClickAssist light that illuminates the area surrounding the seatbelt buckle in order for your child to buckle themselves in during the day but especially at night when it isn’t easy to see the buckle. The light is activated automatically by your child's weight when they get into the Kore Pro.

maxi cosi kore pro clickassist light

The Kore Pro has open spaces on the bottom on either side of the seat to allow your child (or you as a parent) to reach the buckle easily. 

Additionally, the Kore Pro is made with bamboo fabrics which allow temperature regulation to ensure your child doesn’t get too hot while in the seat. 

Although the Kore Pro does not have a recline feature, the backrest reclines slightly to fit the vehicle seat of any car when using the isofix anchors. This allows a more secure and comfortable sitting position for your child. 

maxi cosi kore pro width and height adjustment

The Kore Pro is one of a few boosters that can be adjusted to your child’s width. The backrest and side wings can be adjusted to be wider or narrower depending on your child’s size. This is particularly useful for children with broader shoulders or wider torsos. Along with the height adjustable headrest, the Kore Pro can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly. 

maxi cosi incline

HOW IS THE maxi cosi kore pro INSTALLED?

The Kore pro can be installed with either just the vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt or with isofix in combination with the vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt.  

Either installation is safe, however, use of the isofix will minimise the movement of the seat, especially when unoccupied.   

Therefore, if you do not use the isofix, you should always strap the seatbelt around the booster seat when not in use to prevent it from becoming a projectile in an accident

HOW TO RemovE and wash the covers?

The Kore Pro’s covers are easily removeable which makes cleaning effortless. The covers can be machine washed on a low temperature and hung to dry out of direct sunlight. 

Always take care when removing the covers to ensure no accidental breaks in the polystyrene. Do not steam clean as this will weaken the polystyrene causing possible cracks. 

The Kore Pro summer cover is available that can be fitted over the original cover for protection from dirt, spills, and accidents.

WHAT IS THE LIFESPAN OF THE maxi cosi kore pro?

Maxi Cosi recommend that the Kore Pro be used for no longer than 10 years. This is only applicable if it hasn't been in an accident, dropped, or on an airplane unboxed.

WHAT IS THE warranty on the maxi cosi kore pro?

Maxi Cosi car seats come with a 24-month warranty which covers all manufacturing defects in the materials and the workmanship. This only applies if the seat is used in normal conditions and in accordance with the user manual for a period of 24 months from the date of the original retail purchase by the end-user customer. 

In order for repairs or spare parts to be under the warranty, the proof of purchase must be presented to the local distributor. Maxi Cosi offer excellent customer service and almost always have spare parts available to carry out repairs. 

maxi cosi free swap service

Maxi Cosi is the only brand to offer a free swap service. They take the Maxi-Cosi car seat that has been in the  accident and replace it with a brand new one.

Click assist

is the maxi cosi kore pro compatible with my car?

The Kore Pro is compatible with any cars that have full 3-point seatbelts. The Kore Pro cannot be installed with a lapbelt nor is it safe to do so. 

The Kore Pro can be used with or without isofix. Therefore, the vehicle does not need to have isofix anchors for installation of the Kore Pro. 

Click here to check if your car is on the approved fit list:

maxi cosi kore pro fit list

How to adjust the maxi cosi kore pro according to your child’s height?

The seat’s headrest can be adjusted for your child’s height by squeezing and lifting the lever behind the headrest. The seatbelt should sit comfortably between the child’s neck and shoulder and the lap belt should sit over their lap and not on the stomach.

The seatbelt should not sit higher or lower than around 2 – 3cm above the child’s shoulder. Adjust the headrest to ensure the seatbelt does not cut into the child’s neck and the shoulder belt guides do not touch the child’s shoulder. 

A general rule of thumb: if the seatbelt is cutting into your child's neck, then the headrest is too high. If the seatbelt is slipping off your child's shoulder, then the headrest is too low.

headrest adjust

WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS of the maxi cosi kore pro?

The Kore Pro weighs 6.1kgs and the dimensions are L34 x W45-49.5 x H61 cm. This is the lowest headrest setting.

What accessories are available to use with the maxi cosi kore pro?

The Kore Pro should not be used in conjunction with any accessories that were not manufactured and approved by Maxi Cosi for use with the Kore Pro. 

The following accessories are approved to use with the Kore Pro: ·         

Maxi Cosi kore pro

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