The Complete Cybex Solution S2 i-Fix Review

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Cybex Solution S i-Fix Review
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The Cybex Solution S2 i-Fix is an iSize approved child booster seat that is one of the highest safety rated boosters available in South Africa. It has the highest weight limit of 50kg, making it a great option for bigger than average children. The Solution S2 i-Fix is one of the highest scoring booster seat sold in South Africa.

It has a reclining headrest for naps, and decent padding. 

The Solution S2 i-Fix can be used with or without the isofix anchors which makes it a good option if you need to move the seat between cars where one does not have isofix capabilities. 

PROS AND CONS OF THE cybex solution s i-fix:


  • One of the highest safety rated booster seats in South Africa
  • It has the highest weight limit of 50kg, so is ideal for heavier than average children
  • Independent reclining headrest to prevent your child’s head falling forward when sleeping              
  • Good padding for comfort          
  • Quick and easy to adjust          
  • Ventilation system to keep children cooler
  • Comes in two separate pieces which makes it compact for flying (when boxed)


  •     Quite wide (not suitable for fitting 3 across)


The Solution S2 i-Fix is a Group 2/3 approved child booster seat. This means that it is approved for use from at least 100cm and 15kgs until 150cm or 50kgs. 

This is approximately 4 – 12 years old for the average sized child. 

Cybex solution s-fix weight and height limits

We do not recommend the use of a booster seat for children under the age of 4 years old. Read more about how to decide if your child is booster ready.


The Solution S2 i-Fix is built with an energy- absorbing shell which works to absorb the forces of an impact and therefore provides excellent protection to the child. Additionally, the Solution S2 i-Fix contains Linear Side-impact protection system which enhances the safety and protection during a side collision. The linear side impact protection system must be extended on the side closest to the vehicle’s door and this has been proven to reduce the impact of a side collision by approximately 25% compared to seats without the linear side impact protection system in place. 

Side impact protection solution s

The Solution S2 i-Fix has a one of a kind reclining headrest independent of the backrest’s recline ability. The reclining headrest ensures your child’s head doesn’t fall forward if they fall asleep and therefore increases safety because your child’s head is protected at all times inside the protective shell of the seats headrest. 

Using the isofix on the Solution S2 i-Fix will increase stability and decrease movement in the vehicle. However, the seat can also be used in vehicles without isofix anchors without compromising your child’s safety. Just remember to buckle the booster in when unoccupied, if it is not attached to the isofix, to prevent it becoming a projectile in a crash.

The Solution S i-Fix was given a score of 1.8 for safety by ADAC with a low risk of injury in a frontal collision and a very low risk of injury in a side collision. It was given an overall ADAC score of 1.8 which is "good".

cybex solution s-fix adac safety rating


The Solution S2 i-Fix contains sufficient padding all round for the best protection and comfort. The headrest has 12 height adjustable positions which ensures that the vehicle’s seat belt fits safely and comfortably over your child as they grow. Additionally, the head protectors are made to grow with the personal space requirements of the child for optimal comfort. 

The Solution S2 i-Fix contains a built in ventilation system which ensures the seat is always at an optimal temperature to prevent your child from overheating on hotter days.  The seat of the Solution S i-Fix is extra wide and deep which gives your child adequate space and comfort from the padding. 

The Solution S2 i-Fix is easy and quick to adjust with a one hand adjustable mechanism. Furthermore, the Solution S2 i-Fix has a reclining adjustable back rest which will ensure the backrest is flat against the vehicle backrest of any vehicle making it usable in any vehicle.

cybex solution s-fix ventilation

HOW IS THE cybex Solution S2 i-Fix INSTALLED?

With the optional isofix arms, the Solution S2 i-Fix can be installed with or without isofix. The vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt must be used in both cases as this is what secures the child to the seat. If the Solution S2 i-Fix is used without isofix, you should always strap the seatbelt around the seat when not in use to prevent it from becoming a projectile in an accident.

HOW TO RemovE and wash the covers of cybex Solution S2 i-Fix?

The cover of the Solution S2 i-Fix consists of four individual parts; the headrest flap, the headrest, the shoulder part cover, and the seat surface cover. 

The four covers of the seat are fitted into the cover attachment channels on the edge of the child seat and are held in position at several places by press-studs. To remove the covers, follow these steps:

  • Release all the press studs.         
  • Remove the cover from the headrest flap.         
  • Remove the cover from the head support (unhook the cover from the hooks on either side of the back of the shoulder area).       
  • Remove the cover from the shoulder part.        
  • Remove the cover from the booster seat (release the 2 press-studs at the front and back and then pull the cover over the arm rests and along the seat surface).          
  • The covers are machine washable at 30 degrees on a delicate cycle.        
  • Never use the seat without the covers and remove the covers gently to avoid breaking the polystyrene.

WHAT IS THE LIFESPAN OF THE cybex Solution S2 i-Fix?

Cybex recommend that the Solution S2 i-Fix be used for no longer than 9 years. This is only applicable if the seat has not been in an accident, dropped, or on an airplane without being boxed. 

It must be replaced if you are in an accident.

solution s fix

WHAT IS THE warranty on THE Solution S2 i-Fix?

Cybex South Africa offer a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty will cover replacements or repairs if there is a proven manufacturing fault, and does not cover wear and tear and misuse. However, they are able to repair damages caused by wear and tear, but like all suppliers, they may charge for you for this.

is the cybex Solution S2 i-Fix compatible with my car?

The Solution S2 i-Fix can be used in any vehicle that has 3-point seatbelts. The Solution S2 i-Fix cannot be used on a vehicle seat that only has a lapbelt and it cannot be used in front of an active airbag in some cars as the force of the airbag deploying can severely injure and even kill a child. 

The Solution S2 i-Fix can be used with or without isofix. Therefore, the vehicle does not need to have isofix anchors to use the Solution S2 i-Fix safely. 

Click here to check if your car is on the approved fit list (please note that not all cars in South Africa are sold in Europe, so will not be on any fit lists. Please contact us if your car does not appear on this list):

cybex solution s-iFix approved car list

How to adjust the Solution S2 i-Fix according to your child’s height?

The seats headrest can be adjusted to your child’s height by simply lifting up the lever on the back of the headrest and simultaneously lifting or lowering the headrest to the correct height for your child. The seatbelt must be threaded through the green seatbelt slots on either side of the headrest (the side that the seatbelt extends from the vehicle) and then under the arm rest and clicked into the vehicle buckle. 

The shoulder belt part of the seat belt should sit comfortably between the child’s neck and shoulder. Ensure that the green belt guides are not touching your child’s shoulder and that the shoulder belt is not cutting into your child’s neck. The lap belt must sit over the top of the thighs and not across the abdomen. 

It is very important to note that both the shoulder belt and lap belt must be threaded UNDER the armrests before clicking the seatbelt into the buckle. The child's head should be protected by the shell of the headrest at all times, but the top of the head is allowed to protrude slightly above the headrest.

headrest adjust

WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS of the cybex Solution S2 i-Fix?

The Solution S2 i-Fix’s dimensions: L45 x W50 x H61cm 

The Solution S2 i-Fix weighs 6.2kg.

What accessories are available to use with the Solution S2 i-Fix?

The Solution S i-Fix must not be used in conjunction with any accessories that have not been manufactured or approved for use by Cybex. Use of aftermarket products can interfere with the safety of the seat in the event of an accident. The following accessories are approved for use with the Solution S i-Fix:

cybex solution summer cover
cybex cup holder

Our Products

Precious Cargo is a proud stockist of Cybex products in South Africa. Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a fitting. 

Cybex Solution S-iFix


Solution S2 i-Fix

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