Stokke® My Carrier™ Front And Back Carrier Review

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Stokke MyCarrier front and back review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing The Stokke® My Carrier™ front and back carrier. It was a treat to be able to have my hands free and it motivated me to get out and about on more walks. I reviewed the carrier with my 10-month-old baby boy, Jackson.   

My experience with The Stokke® My Carrier™ front and back carrier was great. It was comfortable and generally easy to use. I did have to watch the demo videos a few times to navigate and learn how to adjust the carrier into the different positions, but I got the hang of it quite quickly and the carrier became very user-friendly. 

It is a bit pricey, but is on par with other high quality carriers imported from Europe. I understand the intricacies of ensuring it’s economically safe and comfortable for the wearer. Jackson had a few niggles when getting in and out of the different carry positions, but he was happy once we were walking about.  

stokke mycarrier review

The main guidelines when using this carrier:        

  • Only use this product for carrying children weighing between 3.5 and 15kg.  
  • Can be used from 4 weeks and up to 3 years with 2-way front and back carrying.      
  • The front inward facing carrier can be used for carrying baby from 4 weeks (approved for use from 3.5kg and 53cm).          
  • The baby must face you (front inward facing position) until he or she can hold their head upright.          
  • The back-carry position is for carrying a baby who can sit unaided from 9 months up to 15kg. The seat can be adjusted when the child is approximately 18 months to ensure a better view for the child.          
  • Small babies can fall through a leg opening so follow instructions for use carefully.          
  • You can adjust the leg openings to fit the baby’s legs snuggly. There are two settings for this.  

You can read more on which position is best for your baby. 

The benefits of babywearing in The Stokke® My Carrier™

Babywearing has many benefits. To name a few; babywearing increases bonding between you and your baby, babies who are carried tend to be calmer due to deep pressure touch that slows their heart rate and babywearing allows parents to do what needs to be done with their hands free. 

I found that because Jackson is a very active boy, carrying helped him regulate and calm down. I also used the carrier just before his nap times and it helped to settle him and get him drowsy. 

This carrier would be perfect to have the baby sleep in the front inward facing position. It is not recommended that babies sleep in the front-outward carry position as there is little support for their necks and head. 

Stokke my carrier

The hip-healthy carry position 

The Stokke® My Carrier™ boasts superior ergonomics, it’s comfortable and secures baby in the hip healthy M-position. The M-position is known to avoid hip dysplasia. The Mayo Clinic describes Hip dysplasia as the medical term for a hip socket that doesn't fully cover the ball portion of the upper thighbone. This allows the hip joint to become partially or completely dislocated. When carrying your baby their hips need to be spread naturally apart to the side of the parents’ body, with the thighs supported and the hips and knees bent. The hips should be able to move freely and your baby's legs should not be straight and forced together.   

The Stokke® My Carrier™ supports the M-position in the front inward facing position as well as the back-carry position. If your baby is younger than 6 months the front-outward facing position is not the safest hip-healthy carry position. It is only recommended that the front-outward facing position only be used when baby is 6 months or older as their legs tend to dangle and the knees are not bent up into the M-position and therefore are at risk of hip dysplasia.   

The carrier offers a broad seating position with good support for the baby’s back, buttocks, and thighs. The part of the carrier that supports the baby’s bottom and legs fits snuggly and doesn’t cut into his legs like other carriers I have tried.

stokke mycarrier review

Wearability and comfort

It took a while to figure out where all the clips on The Stokke® My Carrier™ fastened but once I had placed Jackson in the carrier for the second time, the fastening made sense in the positions they were in and so it became easier.  There was no pressure on any parts of my body when the carrier was tightened, and Jackson’s weight was evenly distributed around my body.   

I suggest testing the carrier with a doll or teddy before putting baby in. It’s safer as you don’t want baby to slip out while you are figuring out the carrier and fastening the straps. You also don’t want to get your baby in an anxious state while you are figuring out how the carrier fastens. Once Jackson was in the carrier and clipped in, it was very easy to fasten and tighten the straps in areas I could feel I needed support.   

When I first put on the carrier, the hip band was quite tight so it sat above my hips and more into my waist which was quite uncomfortable but once I loosened the straps and secured the band around my hips and tightened it, the entire carrier sat right and was comfortable.   

I would also suggest while you are figuring out the different positions and how to fasten baby in, that you do so in front of a mirror and in a seated position.    


The Front inward-facing position was easy to set up as the carrier was already placed in this position from out the packaging. I did sit on the couch to put Jackson in just in case the straps and clips were not tight enough to hold him securely. The head support is stable and soft and gives your baby a good side view. The baby also sits snuggly in the correct M-Position.   

The Front outward-facing position was easy to set up. Jackson seemed comfortable and it was great for him to have a panoramic view of the world. He was content for longer in this position. I did find that my shoulders took a little strain but after tightening in certain parts of the carrier like the side panels the strain lifted.   

The Back carrying position was also easy to assemble once looking at the video demonstration. I felt the weight distribution was easier on my shoulders. I was a little nervous to hoist him over my shoulders once he was fastened in, so I used the couch for support and checked the carrier thoroughly in the mirror before heading off. It was a nice angle for Jackson to pull my hair but didn’t last long thank goodness. He was very content for a long period of time, so the back-carry position offers nice viewing and helped regulate Jackson – and it was a great workout for my core muscles. 

stokke mycarrier review

Transport and durability

The Stokke® My Carrier™ is a very light carrier so you only really feel the weight of your baby when you are carrying. It’s also light to carry when you out and about. It doesn’t quite fit into a nappy bag but I placed it in a decent-sized tote bag and then found it was perfect to transport around.   It’s super easy to clean and machine washable on a gentle setting at max 40 degrees Celsius. 

Textiles and safety

  • All components of Stokke® MyCarrier™ are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.         
  • MyCarrier™ complies with European and US safety standards for baby carriers.        
  • Leg safety straps ensure that the child is safe whenever seated in the carrier.         
  • All adjustments are within reach of the parent so placing the child in the baby carrier is safe and easy in all positions.

In summary

Overall, I was impressed by The Stokke® My Carrier™, it was safe and secure for Jackson in all positions and once reviewing the video instructions it was easy to adjust and fit my body and his. After doing this review, I bought a My Carrier and continue to use it!

stokke my carrier


Stokke MyCarrier Front and Back Carrier

We are proud stockists of Stokke products. Feel free to contact us to book a fitting online or in-store.

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